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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Dec 31 2014
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The biggest theme of We Love Wipes during the last few months has been Make-up & beauty. 


As part of the activities, we ran a survey asking you about your beauty regime and the role of wipes in your current routines. We want to say a big thank you for participating and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us!

Based on your responses it seems that the We Love Wipes community is taking good care of themselves: cleansers, lotions, creams, exfoliators and wipes are in active use but there are also representatives of more traditional methods: water and soap. Cleanliness is important to all our respondents, but three respondents out of five mentioned hydrating, keeping skin smooth and wrinkle-free as well as anti-ageing properties among being the most important properties.

Four respondents out of five wear make-up daily and they also diligently remove it using cleanser or wipes, even though one out of five respondents wished their make-up removal routine could be done a lot faster.

When it comes to bad habits and confessions, it seems that most of our respondents don’t care about expiry dates on their products (there’s usually an icon indicating how many months product is good after opening) and just continue using the products. On the other hand there are make-up-addicts out there who can’t resist new products and just keep buying more and more…

Some of the insights included in the responses will be used at Suominen to support the development of nonwoven materials. These are used as components in the cosmetics industry for wiping products such as disposable sheet masks and exfoliating and cleaning wipes. You get to experience the results of this work in enhanced and improved products which you will find on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies in the near future.

Since this survey was a little longer and we received the most responses than ever, we decided to give away 3 beauty hampers as prizes. The three randomly drawn winners were, Elissa Gaus, Maria Molly Taylor and Michaelyn Pappert – Congratulations! Some respondents also announced their interest in participating to product testing of wiping products. We’ve already contacted some of you, but we’ll continue the adventures in the world of wipes in 2015.

Thanks for sharing your routines, favorites and experiences with us! 

We Love Wipes Team
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Thank you so very much for picking me as a winner! I am loving all of these wipes!
Thu January 22 2015