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Feeling hot and bothered? Nowhere to freshen up? That uncomfortable feeling can be wiped away in an instant. Whether you've had a busy day in the office, enjoyed a long walk or hike through the great outdoors, or you're getting ready for an intimate encounter (no need to blush), there’s a wipe to help you out!


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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Apr 10 2015
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In the spirit of Valentine’s day We Love Wipes got intimate and asked you how you take care of your hygiene before and after sex, and about your relationship with “little helpers” in the area of erotic.

 In today’s world, sex is a natural part of peoples’ lives and it was heart-warming to see among the open comments of the survey that some of you recommend “Kissing, lots of kissing” and the comment “Sex at 62 is good”. Some of you told: “Too shy!” or “I don’t kiss and tell!” which is perfectly ok! When it comes to sex and intimacy everyone has the right to stay in his or her personal comfort zone - participating and sharing at this level was enough for us!

Based on your responses, 83% of the We Love Wipes community is sexually active, which is great! Four out of five bathes or showers before getting intimate, every third respondent pays special attention to the how they dress beforehand and one out of ten trusts their natural essence and does nothing special to prepare. 

More than half of respondents appreciate clean bed sheets; candles, music, and a few drinks were identified as great helpers for “getting in the mood”. A lot were also keen to get the children early to bed. If there are unplanned “unexpected moments” half of you would refresh using wipes (hopefully with intimate wipes and not the baby wipes!) and every fourth person insisted on taking a shower, whilst some were just ready to go ahead and ‘do it’.

Majority of the respondents have tried using sex toys, lubricants and/or medical aids to improve intimate experiences. Also one out of three shared that they’ve tried a fancy dress or a role-play costume. Based on all this information it seems like We Love Wipes community knows how to enjoy intimate time and have a lot of fun doing so! Yet, you remember to be responsible and take care of contraception, too.

We want to thank you for participating and sharing your ‘sexperiences’ and thoughts with us! Your responses will be reviewed and used by Suominen Experts when they’re developing new, enhanced nonwoven materials used in various products in the area of intimate and sex hygiene. You get to experience the results of this work in new and improved products, which you will find on the shelves of supermarkets and pharmacies in the near future.

We’re sending out two hampers as prizes to 2 randomly drawn winners as a thank you for your participation so, congratulations to Clare Webb and Loredana Spano! 



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