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The 2016 Rio Olympics is here and it’s time to get physical!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 5 2016
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Rio Olympics is almost here, gathering the world’s best athletes through a variety of sporting competitions.


Whether you are more excited about the 100m hurdles or the equestrian event, you might get inspired by the top athletes to get in shape for this summer. 

Although it doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to get in shape, there are many ways running can be a great workout. You could go hiking, explore the area you live in or even join a running group. Running is a great all-around exercise for your body, and a great way to increase your stamina. When you’re out and about running and feel like you need a cooler, carry individual packets of refreshing wipes with you to wipe away your sweat halfway, to feel better. 

Swimming is a great way of exercising because it is counts as both cardio and strength, as well as being low impact. Join your local swimming pool and swim as many laps as you can or participate in a class to feel encouraged. Swimming uses a lot of muscles you otherwise wouldn’t use a lot, as well being a good reliever of stress. As a bonus, a lot of swimming pools have saunas you can use after the swim, which will relax your muscles and joints after an intense swimming session. 

Not only is cycling a good form of exercise, but also a convenient way of transporting around different areas. Why not ditch the car and cycle to work – this will save you money as well as  keeping you fit.  Take the bike for an afternoon ride around the park, or try different types of cycling such as mountain biking or BMX-ing. Maybe next summer you might fancy a vacation that involves a lot of cycling? We have an excellent blog that advises you on how to maintain your bike and yourself when cycling for a long period. 

If you have access to a local stable, or know someone who owns horses, why not try horse riding? It is a fun way to stay active, as not only is good for your body, but also has social and emotional benefits as well. Riding improves your balance and muscular strength, especially in your legs. On top of the ride, the other aspects of horse riding involves grooming and cleaning which can be a strenuous job in itself, but fulfilling knowing you’re caring for another animal. 

Handball is a sport that is especially popular in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. It is a fast paced and intense team sport that requires two teams of seven players. The players pass a ball using their hands with the aim to throw it in the goal of the other team. This sport will help you build up speed, strength, power and endurance, as well as the good social aspect. Find out if there is a club near you and join a team.

Last but not least, trampolining is both fun to watch and fun to do. Many might have trampolines in their garden, which is a great way to start practising your bouncing skills. It is a great aerobic workout that will get the heart pumping quickly. On top of being a good work out, it also relieves stress and is a lot of fun, too. Some also say that a ten minute bounce equals a half hour run, which is another reason why you should do it. Once you get going, you could always check out if there is a trampoline club in your area, and start showing off your skills.

Exercising should be fun and rewarding to do. Enjoy your workout, and don’t forget your deodorant and refreshing body wipes in between your workouts because this will help make you feel more refreshed and energised. Share your favourite sport and way to get in shape with us on twitter at @welovewipes. 


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