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The best bits from January's #WipesChat

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 1 2017
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Did you miss our January #WipesChat? Don’t worry, you can read the highlights below…

This month during #WipesChat we discussed New Year’s resolutions. Participants told us all about their resolutions, whether they stuck to the ones they came up with last year, as well as any new hobbies or activities they were looking forward to starting this year. Read on to find out what the We Love Wipes community had to say!

Q1: What new years resolutions have you set yourself for 2017? Why?

Q2: Is there anything exciting happening this year that you are really looking forward to?

Q3: Do you plan to renovate, redecorate or reorganize your home this year?

Q4: Will you keep your cleaning routine from last year or will you do something different? Like using more wipes?

Q5: Are you trying to be more ride at working this year?

Q5b: How often do you clean your desk and mug at work?

Q6: Is one of your resolutions to start a new hobby in 2017? If so, are you planning to buy some new gear or equipment for it?

Q7:  Do you have any hobby equipment that you could care for better during this year?

Q8: Sticking at a resolution or a changed way of life can be tough. What do you do to stick to your decision?

Q9: What little things do you plan to do to make your life easier during 2017?

We look forward to seeing you for more #WipesChat’s!

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