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The Dad's Who Nailed It!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jun 19 2015
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Is your dad a SUPER-DAD? These 10 dad's have nailed parenthood perfectly showing exactly how it is done. 

When it comes to cool macho-type jobs, you think of the ones that involve carrying big guns, chopping tree trunks or fighting fires for a living. How often do you hear being a dad as ‘the best job ever’? If you don’t, then maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Dads may not be the best at co-ordinating outfits on their children or remembering what to pack in the baby bag, but we give them credit for making the effort and always finding ways to make ‘dad’ life a little easier.

1. The dad who balanced his playtime with feeding time, perfectly. 

2. The dad who thought ahead and knew how to make his son as special as every other child out there.

3. The genius dad that tricked his kids into giving him a massage

4. The dad who took lazy to a whole new level. We’re not judging – we’re impressed!

5. The dad who just got parenting right. Who said the wolf couldn’t be a girl and little red riding hood couldn’t be a boy? 

6. The dad that went the extra mile to get the perfect shot.

7. The dad who let his daughter paint his toe nails as he enjoyed a 3-hour gaming marathon.

8. The dad who made sure their kid was the coolest kid during lunch break. Sandwich making level 100.

9. The dad who dressed up as the sidekick for his superhero daughter.

10. And finally, any dad that can put a smile like this on their kids face deserves all the credit in the world.


Fatherhood certainly doesn’t come easy to everyone and every single dad out there will handle it differently, and in his own way. But we must hand it to some of these dads - these are genius dad-hacks!

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there – trust us, you’re doing a great job!

Source: Viral Thread 

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