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The need to know about the royal baby

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 12 2013
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As the world waits for Kate Middleton and Prince William to welcome their new-born royal baby to the world, photographers, social media and journalists are all buzzing to catch the first glimpse of the royal arrival.

Kate Middleton is due to give birth in the private wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, where Diana also delivered her two children. Prince William will also be by his wife’s side as she gives birth along with the two royal gynaecologists and Kate’s mother. With some of the most important people on her hand and foot, Kate will hopefully be in tranquil as she goes into labour.

Welcome to the world…

To protect the first few minutes of Kate, Prince William and the new-born’s privacy; smartphones and cameras will be forbidden in the wing of the hospital. But similar to Prince William’s arrival, a Palace aide will take an official birth announcement from the hospital to Buckingham Palace to be displayed on an easel. No doubt as soon as this is in place, the news will officially be released to the media and circulated on social media within the hour.

The Royal Baptism

Kate and William’s royal arrival will also be keeping in with the strictest royal tradition and multicultural Britishness and will be baptized in the Music Room in Buckingham Place. This has been a customary tradition in the Royal British family since the destruction of the chapel during a raid in WWII and the water of the Baptismal Font was taken from the River Jordan (believed to be the same river in which John the Baptist baptised Jesus). And just like Jesus, this birth may just be the birth story of the century.

In the words of Cool & The Gang – “Celebrate Good Times, come on!”

No doubt, the little royal baby will be receiving hundreds of gifts from both sides of the family including The Queen, herself. The royal baby will also receive a salute from 41 cannons in London’s Hyde Park as well as all that of the ships of the Royal Navy across the world. A basic salute is 21 rounds however, in Hyde Park and Green Park an extra 20 rounds are added due to the royal nature of these parks. This royal baby is going to get one of the biggest celebrations of the decade, but after the spectacular wedding ceremony that William and Kate received, nothing will be too big for this royal baby.

Baby “???”

Big question marks because this has been one of the biggest unknown but talked about topic of the year. Ever since the announcement of the pregnancy, both William and Kate have been tight-lipped about the due date and the possible names for the baby. Although, there have been several speculations of the sex and naming of the baby, it seems like we won’t find out until the official birth announcement. Here are a few names that have been speculated (and the odds of it being it!) or simply what may suit a beautiful royal baby:



The Favourites

George – 10/1

The 1st boys name on the list which has been used by no less than 6 kings.

Alexandra – 6/4

A favourite throughout the pregnancy and is one of the Queen’s middle names.



Charlotte – 8/1

The middle name of the Duchesses’ younger sister Pippa Middleton and the name of King George III’s Queen.



Diana – 10/1

Many believe that the child will be named after Prince William’s late mother, with one man in Austria betting 550 euros that this is what the baby will be christened as!



Elizabeth – 8/1

The Queen’s name is also the middle name of the Duchess of Cambridge and is seen as a likely choice for the 3rd in line to the throne.


The Most Likely: 10-50/1

The Least Likely: 250-1000/1


















These are all great names that will fit in the royal family perfectly but who knows what Kate and William decide to choose. They may already have one picked out or they both might just be that indecisive that the baby might not even have a name for a short while just like Prince William - he didn’t have an official name for a week.

With it only being a matter of time before the baby arrives, Kate is sure to be taking plenty of rest to ensure she has as calm as can be labour. Hopefully, the world won’t be waiting too long for the announcement of the birth but for now, all we can wish for is nothing but the best for Kate and William and the safe arrival of the beautiful royal baby.

However, if you are on royal baby watch, here are a few royal facts that we bet you didn’t know…

-        Paule Mealor, the composer who wrote a piece of music for Kate and William’s royal wedding has written a lullaby for the Cambridge’s’ baby called “Sleep On.” Perhaps might be a good idea for the mom-to-be (or any mom-to-be for that matter!) if she is planning on having any sleep at all.

-        The arrival of the royal baby is expected to prompt a $380 million (Over £250 million) boost to the UK economy which is incredible considering the baby isn’t even here yet and it’s already going to produce millions!

-        The Queen will mark history when Kate gives birth to her baby as the most recent still-serving monarch to be alive at the birth of her grandchild. The very last time a still-serving monarch was alive at the birth of his or her great-grandchild in direct succession was 120 years ago where Queen Victoria’s great grandson, the future Edward VIII, was born.

-        As a serving member of the Royal Air Force, William will only be allowed to take two weeks of paternity leave. Unless he asks the Head of the Armed Forces, his Grandmother for a few more days, which surely The Queen would allow him.

-        When Prince Andrew was born, one of his gifts was a baby crocodile called “Mansa” from Gambia. It was then given to London Zoo, but the baby crocodile marked history as the only crocodile to ever spend the night at Buckingham Palace (Lucky crocodile!).

-        The Queen’s birthplace – 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London – is now a Chinese restaurant.

-        All the babies that are born on the same day in Britain as Kate and William’s baby will each receive a Limited Edition silver coin to mark their shared occasion.


And a little fun fact – The odds that the baby inherits the recessive red hair gene, á la his or her Uncle Harry currently stands a 4-1 but either way, he or she will still look beautiful with Kate and William’s genes.

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