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The wipes you probably didn't know existed- Part 3!

Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on May 15 2017
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There are some wipes everyone has heard of, baby wipes for example, but there are also some wiping products you probably didn’t know existed!

Yoga mat cleaning wipes

You hear of many solutions to try and clean a yoga mat, such as making a vinegar yoga mat cleaner which can take far too much time out your day, and certainly doesn’t smell pleasant! Instead try cleaning wipes, they are a quick and easy way to remove any sweat or dust that may be left on any matts after exercise.

Your yoga mat comes with you whenever you go to a class so it is important to make sure it is in the best condition possible. Regular cleaning will help to extend the life of your yoga mat and you won’t have to worry about buying a separate disinfectant as wipes act as a speedy sterilizer and won’t cause the mat to become un-sticky and crumble. If you choose not to clean your yoga mats it can lead to damaging it and might put it out of use.

Refreshing summer wipes

Many peoples favorite past time activity during the summer is to head down to the beach with family and friends to soak up the summer rays. When the day comes to an end, the worst part is being hot and sticky and covered in sea salt and sand. 

Having a refreshing wipe to dust off all the salt from your skin at the end of the day helps you feel revitalized as well as cooling your body down from the hot sun. Self-care and self-hygiene is key so this also helps to postpone the need of a shower and enables you to get on with the rest of your day without worrying of feeling like you have sand in all sorts of places.

It is quick and easy to use the wipes and they barely take up any space whether you choose to keep it on you in a bag or keep a supply of wipes in your car to wipe down before you get in, leaving the sand where it belongs at the beach.

Pet drying mitts

A dog owner’s worst nightmare is seeing your loving companion running towards a lake or river knowing they won’t listen to your yells of not going in the muddy water, to be topped off with being greeted by getting soaked from the after swim shake.

Having a drying mitt to wipe off any mud or water is quick and easy and not as straining as having to pin your dog down if you want to dry them with a towel. It also saves you from having to wash and dry dog coats. If preferring to give your dog a hose down after a walk the drying mitt which is a dry product and made of nonwoven which is the same material than used in wipes can help reduce any excess water.

Dogs are expensive to maintain especially if you are going to the parlor to get their coat cut and nails trimmed which is a way of reducing the mud on their legs. If this is too much of an expense the drying mitt can be used as an alternative if money is a worry.  Leaving a dog wet or damp can be rather smelly so a drying mitt also helps to ensure that your dog is not left uncomfortable.

Have you tried these wiping products or are you planning to try them after reading this blog? Let us know in the comments!

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