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Tips: Keeping your gadgets clean

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes on May 9 2014
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Keeping your favourite gadgets clean can be quite a challenge when you have little ones running about, their sticky fingers seem to gravitate towards to every shiny surface in the household…And believe me, tiny fingers can sometimes be the stickiest!

If you ever find yourself admiring your childless friend’s electronics wondering how theirs look so shiny and new, then look no further we have all the answers to get your gadgets looking as good as the day you bought them! More importantly, you want to make sure that these gadgets are cleaned properly especially if your kids will be using them too.


Whether it’s a TV, computer, or tablet – if it’s got a screen, it will have grubby little fingerprints on… that’s a guarantee! For best results, use screen cleaning wipes which are non-linting, scratch-free and will leave your screens looking and feeling good as new. For an ultra-shiny screen, wipe over the screen with a dry clean cloth after using the wipes!

Keyboards and mouse

Studies have shown that computer keyboards can have more bacteria than toilet seats. Given that, you might want to consider cleaning and disinfecting your keyboard more often, especially if your children are using them too. Don’t forget to give your mouse a wipe down too while you are at it.

Start off by blasting away all the little crumbs with a hair dryer, yes really it works! Then follow these simple steps to disinfect:

Step 1: Unplug your keyboard from your computer and remove any batteries.

Step 2: Wipe your keyboard with disinfectant wipes. Make sure that the wipes aren't overly damp and that you squeeze out any excess liquid before wiping the keyboard.

Step 3: Then immediately wipe your keyboard down with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Using a dry microfiber cloth, remove any remaining moisture from your keyboard.



Kids can have a thing for touch EVERYTHING with their sticky hands… they also like to scratch, especially when it comes to DVDs and CDs. To clean a dirty disc, try CD and DVD cleaning wipes, wipe around in circular motions... And voila! Your jumpy cd will work like magic!


When your phone has been attacked by grubby fingers you are going to have to clean it, but watch out for cleaning products that contain solvents! Wipe smudges off using a microfiber cloth — you might have even gotten one with the phone. Don’t use paper towels as they can scratch your device’s screen.

For all non-smartphone users, don’t for a second think you can get away with not cleaning your mobile phones - there is no exception! Disassemble your phone by removing the battery, faceplate and keypad (if your keypad comes off easily). Wet the cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol and apply it to the surfaces of your phone parts, one at a time. Lastly use a clean wipes to wipe clean your phone before putting it back together.

Remote controls


It’s dropped on the floor, coughed and sneezed on and everyone in the house uses it. Research has that house hold remote controls test positive for cold viruses in most cases. Keep your household healthy; use a vacuum cleaner with a smaller attachment to remove all visible particles from the remote. Then wipe over with a disinfecting wipe.

Being messy and playing with toys and gadgets is just another brilliant part of growing up. But remember to use these simple cleaning tips on a regular basis, which will mean you will reduce germs on electronic devices in your homes without taking the fun out of playtime!

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