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Tips: recycling wrapping papers

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 21 2013
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With Christmas only a few days away, countless rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons are being bought, cut, ripped and taped. Seems like a waste, eh?

Presentation is always nice when wrapping presents but by lunchtime on the 25th of December, most of the wrapping is stuffed in a plastic bag in the bin. So even with the small pleasure of seeing Christmas presents wrapped festively under the tree days before, it’s really what’s under all that wrapping that counts.

This wasted nonsense can be avoided if you’re willing to get creative…

Shredded wrapping paper - yes, shredded!

shredded paper

Not normally what you’d expect to do to long rolls of wrapping paper but shredding them carefully with a paper shredder makes excellent stuffing in boxes if you plan on shipping parcels this Christmas. This doesn’t have to go to waste either, unlike normal wrapping paper, they get ripped and crinkled as soon as they’re torn off but with shredded paper, you can throw this in a large plastic zip-lock bag and save it for your next package.

Shredded paper bows


Since you’re already on a shredding mission, it’s easy enough to make small bows out of them instead of buying the ready-made kinds. The beauty of this technique is that you could make the bow as big or as small as you’d like and use as many different wrapping paper patterns/colours as you wish. By looping them over and under each other, it’ll create the same effect as you’d expect on the regular gift bows you find in stores.

Christmas Cards -DIY Wrapping Paper Style

xmas cards

With all the jolly patterns and colours you’d expect from Christmas wrapping paper, it’s a shame to waste any of it especially when you have a small square/rectangle piece that won’t fit any of the gifts you need to wrap. Instead of throwing it away, cut patterns out of it or cut a specific image from it (tree, snowman, bauble etc) and create a Christmas card from it. This is a lot more personal and completely effortless.

Christmas Baubles/Ornaments


If you’re very much into personalising your own Christmas tree with special decorations then you’ll love this idea. Again, using shredded pieces of wrapping paper, it’s easy enough to place these strips into clear plastic baubles. This will especially be ideal if you have smaller pieces of wrapping paper of no use or simply because you love the pattern/colour of the wrapping paper and you could use up a whole roll just for tree decorations.

Book binding, covers and scrap booking

book scrapping

If you buy wrapping paper simply because you love the colour and pattern, there’s nothing stopping you from using it for other purposes. If it’s made of a high quality paper and in decent condition, you could line your book or cover them to make it prettier. And if you’re really into scrap booking, you could also use this to embellish your pages.

So when you’re considering wrapping for any type of occasion, you might want consider all these different options you can do with wrapping paper to minimise wasting it and actually make it more personal!


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