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Tips: What to pack for a camping trip?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on May 30 2014
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Now that summer is slowly making an appearance, it’s time to start thinking about all the outdoor activities and adventures that you can plan with your friends and family.

The summer is all about relaxing, enjoying the sun with the people you love and if you’re lucky, you get to jet away to a hot destination. But for those who prefer to be slightly more adventurous and enjoy a good camping set-up in the middle of nowhere, then we’ve got the camper’s guide for you to ensure that you’re prepared for a safe and smooth trip. 

First Aid Kit (Antiseptic Wipes)

This is a necessity in any situation where you can’t access your usual first aid kit in the comfort of your own home so always make sure that you travel with a mini kit wherever you go. Especially when you’re in open areas in the woods, anything could happen because of the bumpy woodland grounds so plasters, bandages and antiseptic wipes should be the main products included in the kit to clean up any accidents.

Mosquito Wipes

Unfortunately, when you’re living in nature’s own environment, you’re also sharing it with nature’s friendly insects. Although it may not be a bothersome for some people, it is definitely more annoying when they’re constantly buzzing near you. The insects you need to be careful of are the pesky mosquitoes which can cause serious irritation when bitten by them. To minimise the risk of pain from the mosquito bites, mosquito repellent wipes help but not necessarily kill the mosquitoes. By wiping them on your body, they prevent mosquitoes from biting you for a period of time but do make sure that you choose a well-known brand with a proven safety record because there are slight chances of an allergic reaction.

Sun Screen Wipes

If you’re really lucky, you may actually get a tan without leaving the country. But it’s important to remember that the sun’s rays can be just as harmful in a colder country as well as a hot country. We’d imagine that most people plan camping trips when the weather is likely to be nice and hot so bringing some form of sun block will be crucial to avoid any sun damage to the skin. The wipes are easy enough to wipe across the face, body, arms and legs without any mess so make sure you carry a few packs with you when you’re travelling around your camping trip. 

Shower/All Purpose Wipes

If you’re travelling to a camping area that tests your hygiene maintenance i.e. no showers, then you’ll need to find an alternative method to keep yourself clean. No-wash shower wipes are available to give you the benefits of a shower without the actual shower, so these may not keep you as nice and clean as an actual shower but it’s better than smelling bad and feeling like you’re rotting in your own body. Check out Camp Clever blog for some top tips to keep clean in the great outdoors.

Hand/Sanitizing Wipes

Now a camping trip wouldn’t be complete without several packs of hand wipes lying around. Since you will be living in nature’s environment, there won’t be a sink at your disposal to quickly wash your hands and they definitely will get dirty more often when you’re camping. But it’s all about the fun when you’re camping, getting your hands dirty, and feeling nature out - you just need to remember that germs and bacteria will be on your hands and it would be advisable to disinfect your hands before touching any food.

Once you’ve managed to successfully set up your tent and eventually set up a fire place, it’s time for your camping adventure to start. Make sure you plan all sorts of fun activities so that nobody’s bored, make traditional camping food like roasted marshmallows and baked beans in the morning. Camping is a great trip that will guarantee to hold pleasant memories whether you’re with your friends, family or both. 

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