Tips and Tricks for Guys Last Minute Clean Up

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Mar 18 2015
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So you have someone special coming over soon, and you haven't cleaned up? 

Don’t panic, we have a few tips to help you get your place looking good in a few moments! 

1. Make the bed - If you want her to stay over, then you probably want to make sure your bedroom looks its best. She doesn't want to sleep in your messy sheets from the night before. If you have time, put on a fresh set of bedding.  

2. Pick up your washing – It’s not romantic walking in and seeing your dirty underwear on the floor. Put it all in the washing basket, out of sight out of mind. 

3. Wipe down surfaces - Get out some wet wipes, and give kitchen benches, tables, and windowsills down with the wipes so that there’s no dirt or dust.

4. Hoover - A quick hoover over the carpeted areas in the home will give off the impression you have cleaned up. 

5. Do the dishes - A sink piled high full of day old food isn't a pleasant thing to see when you walk into the home. Also if all your dishes are in the sink, what are you going to eat off? 

6. Hide the embarrassing things - If you have left out your Glee CD or your pink shirt, maybe now is the time to stuff them in the closet. It's not romantic if she's laughing at you all night.

7. Light a candle - Your bachelor pad probably doesn't smell great. It might be wise to light a scented candle; it’s not only romantic but makes your place smell fresher. 

8. Put a tablecloth on the table - It will make it look like you’ve been planning for her coming round. Which will woo her. 

9. Put on some nice clothes - sweats and a top from your teen years are not cute. Put on a shirt, and some jeans. It would also be nice to change your socks and especially your underwear.   

You now have a clean apartment and you’re dressed ready for company. All you need to do is call for a take away and relax until she gets there. And all this took only 10 minutes of your time.  

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