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To flush or not to flush?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Sep 14 2015
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Have you ever wondered what happens every time you flush the toilet? Most people have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality and whatever is flushed, it’s just on a journey to the wastewater treatment plant. 

People don’t really think about what happens during the process, until something happens – like a clogged toilet or an issue in a local wastewater system – and that’s when people think about what materials are not actually flushable.

In terms of wipes, not all of them are flushable. While it’s true that wastewater systems are experiencing backups and clogging issues, the flushable wipes category is being wrongly pinned as the culprit of these clogs. In fact, 90% of what has been discovered in sewer clogs has included items that are not designed to be flushable including baby wipes, paper towels and feminine hygiene products. 

For those that enjoy adding that extra ‘cleanliness’ from flushable wipes, here’s some advice: look for the ‘flushable’ symbol or text that indicates that the wipes are indeed flushable. It is best to only flush one or two wipes at a time, and just be generally conscious of what you’re flushing down your toilet. 

At Suominen, we have been working hard to ensure the best for our consumers. Suominen’s HYDRASPUN® Dispersible – developed in the late 1990’s - provided the consumer with a suitable replacement to non-flushable materials like paper towels and baby wipes which are commonly flushed by the consumer. It meets the consumer’s desire for improved personal cleaning while alleviating issues in the sewer /treatment systems due to the improper disposal of non-flushable materials. Suominen’s Hydraspun® Dispersible offering meets the exacting requirements set in the INDA/EDANA industry flushability guidelines.

The launch of HYDRASPUN® Dispersible Plus is the next-generation for flushable and dispersible nonwovens. Hydraspun® Dispersible Plus substrates break up over three times faster than standard Hydraspun® Dispersible and clearly pass the industry flushability assessment test protocol. It still has the strength required for convenient use, disperses reliably and is biodegradable in an aquatic environment.

See how Suominen's new HYDRASPUN® Dispersible Plus passes the industry standard for nonwoven flushability assessment: 

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So many people flush all sorts that just blocks the sewage systems. We live opposite a pumping station and the pumps stop every so often clogged with a 'fatberg' cooking oils fats & wipes etc etc. We are first on the system and our toilet and drains are affected first, then it's emergency 'phone calls to the water company as the manholes will soon overflow.
Tue October 24 2017
Manufacturers definitely need to make it clearer when their wipes are not flushable. At the moment the default is that a wipe is not flushable unless it says otherwise, it would be better if all wipes were flushable unless a label specifically says they are not.
Tue October 24 2017
Very interesting!!
Tue October 24 2017
Great article. Many of with kids think we need to flush all wipes, but we can't!!
Tue October 17 2017
I can honestly say I have never even thought of flushing wipes..
Thu October 12 2017
It's pretty scary what some people flush.I'm not perfect but I am not a flusher of wipes and I think I would even hesitate to flush flushable wipes.
Fri January 15 2016
I've lost count of the number of times I've had to fish wipes out of the toilet because the kids have (bleurgh) thrown them in!
Tue November 17 2015
Well I never knew that!
Tue November 17 2015
I only ever buy flushable wipes now because my kids wouldn't know unless I was stood watching them what they could flush or not
Tue November 17 2015
Hopefully all wipes will be disposable in the not-too-distant future!
Mon November 16 2015
Definitely need more on the market
Sun November 15 2015
Really shouldn't , but I do
Sat November 14 2015
It is enough to send you round the bend
Sat November 14 2015
Good to know!!!
Sat November 14 2015
Great article
Fri November 13 2015
I used to be naughty and flush things I shouldn't. I am a reformed character now! Interesting blog!
Wed November 11 2015
Well! you learn something new every day.
Tue November 10 2015
Just what I needed
Tue November 10 2015
Clever stuff
Tue November 10 2015
flushable wipes are essential
Mon November 9 2015
Good advice about flushing.
Mon November 9 2015
It is an interesting article but whilst you have some types that can be flushed and some not you will always have problems. Children especially will not realise there is a difference and will flush all wipes as they see adults do it. Best not to flush at all.
Mon November 9 2015
my daughter was always flushing baby wipes ,till her toilet was always plugged , i guess you learn from mistakes ,now she won't
Sun November 8 2015
They really should make more flushable wipes for children instead of just a few brands. And it would be great if the major stores carried them.
Fri November 6 2015
great article
Thu November 5 2015
always flush
Thu November 5 2015
Thanks I learned something New Today
Thu November 5 2015
this is why i always close the seat when i flush
Wed November 4 2015
My husband is constantly blocking the toilet with baby wipes!!!
Mon November 2 2015
Good info. I will look for the "flushable" symbol.
Sat October 24 2015