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Top 10 Tips for First Time Festival-Goers

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 6 2015
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Summer is upon us and it is the season of music festivals! 


Some festival visits require no preparation, and some however require a lot of packing. Not everyone is a pro festival-so our top tips will help you enjoy your festival experience and make sure that you stay clean and safe whilst enjoying the experience!  

 Choose a tent at least 1 size larger than you need 

A 2 man tent for two people might sound perfectly acceptable but the tent size is based on two people lying right next to each other without any stuff. Go a size or two bigger so you know you can fit everyone in it, and all your festival essentials. 

 Don’t try and lock your tent  

Putting a lock on your tent makes it look like you have something to steal, and a knife/scissors/glass will cut through your tent fabric anyway! On that note, don’t leave anything valuable in your tent, only carry items you really need to the festival with you. Expensive jewelry or designer’s bag is a no no!

Watch out for guy ropes 

When it’s dark and you have had a few drinks navigating your way through the tent maze is hard, you especially need to watch out for guy ropes! Use a torch on your phone to navigate your way around. 

Don’t go alone 

We know it can be tempting to go alone to a festival, especially if none of your friends are interested in going with you. It’s however never a good idea for first time festival goers to go alone! It can be really unsafe, and if anything happens to you there’s no one with you to help out. 

Take plenty of wipes 

The chance to shower is few and far between at a festival, take wipes to use for basically everything, removing makeup, cleaning your body, cleaning hands before food, going to the loo etc. 

Only take what you really need 

It’s always better to only take what is really necessary because you won’t have much space in your tent, and the trek from the car/drop off to the campsite is longer than you think! If you cram everything into a backpack you could struggle to carry everything. 

Avoid the mud 

Obviously this is really hard to do when it’s raining at a festival. Try to avoid sitting, rolling and walking through masses of mud - if you’re not showering at the festival you can be sticky, dirty and smelly for the rest of the festival. 

Make friends with your neighbors 

You are going to be camping next to them for a few days, it’s always better to get to know your neighbors. You never know you might make friends and if you or they need anything in a pinch you can help each other out. 

Take more than enough money 

Festivals are expensive. It’s always better to take more money than you think you will need. You don’t want to be looking for ATM machine or cash points when you should be enjoying the music and all the fun! 


No matter what the forecast is for your festival there’s going to be mud! Even on a dry weekend the floor turns to mush with so many people walking on it, wear your wellies to avoid your feet being coated in thick slimy mud. 

Bonus tip - Pace yourself, a festival is a time for you to have fun and let loose. If you are drinking at a festival, it’s always better to drink less and enjoy it more. 

Remember a festival can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy yourself, and it’s not all about the music, there’s other fun things to try too! 


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