Top 5 Messy Guys Situations

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Jan 6 2015
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If you have ever lived with a guy then you'll know they can get quite messy at times.

From dishes in the sink, to clothes on the floor we have a few situations that guys can get themselves into regarding typical messes: 

1. The Dinner 

So it’s always nice when the guy in your life cooks for a change, whether it’s just a basic dinner, or a romantic meal, at least they have tried. But everyone knows that when a guy cooks there’s going to be a lot of mess, such as splashes on the walls, spills on the counter. Wipes can come in handy here. They can wipe down all the mess they've made before you eat, it'll make cleaning up after dinner a lot faster. 

2. The Boys Night In 

Having the boys round for a take-away and whatever football game is playing on the TV is a common thing in your household. There’s beer bottles scattered on every surface, pizza on your new rug, and boxes left everywhere. Start by wiping down the surfaces to get rid of any crumbs and dirt they’ve left behind, and make the guy that’s left the mess grab a bin bag and go round collecting rubbish. 

3.  The Weekender 

You've gone away for the weekend and you, of course, come home and nothing has been done. There’s rubbish and mess everywhere, clothes on the floor, spills on the counters, and crumbs gathering in piles on the floor. A serious clean is necessary so get your man to hoover the floor and pick up his clothes. Then you can go over everywhere with an antibacterial wipe, to get rid of all that grime that’s been building up over the 2 days. 

4. The I Tried to Clean 

The place is a mess, and he arrives home before you, he thinks he’s being nice by cleaning up, but instead he’s made the entire house 10 times worse. He's left piles of things to put away scattered around, but he hasn't put them away, and he's wiped the surfaces down and just left the wipes where he used them. Everything in your home has been pulled out of the cupboards while he looked for a specific product he wanted to use. Send him to collect in the rubbish he’s left lying around, if he’s wiped the surfaces get him to pick the wipes up, and if he hasn't wiped, get him to. 

5. The “I Was Working” 

So he’s been working from home this week, and you go into the home office and find that there’s piles of papers everywhere, and he has left teacups scattered about. Go and get some files, and then get him to organise the papers, while you make sure the cups and plates get washed. Wipe down the surfaces, as they are more than likely to be crumby from where he has been eating at his desk. 

So that’s it for the messy guy scenarios and how you can fix the mess he’s left behind. Grab a packet of wipes and send him to work cleaning up the mess that he’s made. 

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