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Travel Sickness

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 24 2015
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We all know that traveling is fun, but for an unlucky few traveling leads to travel sickness and that’s just not enjoyable.

We have some tips and advice on how to combat travel sickness - although these might not work for everyone, we hope that you are one of the lucky few that it does work for!

Travel Sickness - The need to know: 
The main reason that people get travel sickness is the repetitive motion of travelling by boat, car or plane. It is most common in children aged 3-12 and in women, and it usually doesn't affect children under two or adults over the age of 50. However it can affect anyone.

 Symptoms can include:
-  Nausea
-  Vomiting
-  Dizzy Feeling
-  Headache
-  Sweating a lot
-  Drowsiness
-  Pain in your abdomen

For most people travel sickness goes away once the motion stops and they have left the transportation, but for some it can actually last a few days.

Travel Sickness - Can you prevent it?:
There are a few suggested ways to try and prevent travel sickness, but they unfortunately don't work for everyone.

-  Pick a seat that helps. When in a car it’s often best to drive if you get travel sickness, but if you can’t drive then sit in the front seat. On coaches sit near the front, on boats stay near the center of the ship, don't go out to the edge and on planes sitting over the wing could help.

-  Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. It’s thought that certain movements create a conflict between what your eyes see and what your inner ears sense and this is a reason why people get travel sickness, so focusing on one point can help.

-  Don’t read, or watch videos. Look outside of the vehicle. Plus this way you see some incredible sights.

-  Open a window, obviously this is not possible on a plane or even usually a coach. But in a car or on a boat if your feeling sick open a window and let some fresh air in.

-  Do not smoke whilst travelling, also do not allow anyone else in the vehicle to smoke. The smell and the taste of smoke doesn't help when you are feeling sick, and if you are in a car the smell can stick around for hours after the cigarette has been put out.

Travel Sickness - How to treat it:
Most people know that travel sickness can be treated with medicine, for a smaller dose you can get over the counter travel sickness pills. If you can’t prevent feeling sick when travelling it’s always best to see your doctor as they might have a couple of extra handy tips! Oh and don’t forget to take the wipes, just in case you do get sick and need a quick clean up. Enjoy you holidays!

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Love the idea of wipes just in case. Have you taken a look at Nevasic?
Thu October 29 2015
Take a look at Nevasic...
Tue September 22 2015
I use peppermint candy. That helps with me when i am in the car.
Sat September 19 2015