Ways to feel body confident!

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Feb 2 2015
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We all have times when we don’t feel confident, no matter what age you are.

Let’s remember we’re all unique and there’s no form to which we all should fit. We also have a couple of tips to help you feel more confident. 

Stay Fresh! Carry around some wipes with you, one for hands, teeth, armpits, even feminine hygiene wipes. Its always nice to smell and feel fresh, and you never know when you’ll need a quick refreshening. 

Dress for you! Some people think they need to follow trends, but if you aren't comfortable wearing platform heels and leggings then don't. You will never feel confident as you, if you don't dress how you want. 

Look at and own your own body! Some people have never even seen parts of their own body. You can’t feel confident with your body if you don’t know it. These women had never seen their own vaginas until they were asked to do so. The results are very encouraging.  

If you don't like it change it! We’re not suggesting running out and getting a nose job, but if you don’t like the shape of you nose, use make up, or if you’re unhappy with your weight, lose or gain some weight. 

It’s all about attitude! It’s all about how you act, if you act like you’re confident eventually you will feel more confident! People who keep to themselves and don’t put themselves out there. 

These tips can help you feel more confident, but at the end it’s all about you. 

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