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There’s a lot of interesting work undertaken before you can buy a pack of wipes. Nonwoven material has to be manufactured, optimal lotion for the wipe has to be selected, and then the wipes have to be packaged before being distributed to shops and stores. Find out more about these processes in our articles below.


We Love Wipes: Ask The Experts

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: We Love Wipes Team on Apr 17 2014
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So the majority of you all know who we are, what we do and the reasons we are running the We Love Wipes campaign - well, we hope you do!

Our aim is to deliver the understanding of how and why wipes serve a great purpose to your everyday life and much more. From parents to pet owners, to health and beauty fanatics, we are confident that there is a wipe fit to serve any kind of person.

The brains that deliver all the knowledge you need to know about wipes are from our incredible and talented team of experts. Who are these experts you ask?

We’re glad you asked…

So, who are the experts?

Our team of experts are here to inform, give advice and provide you fun facts on all things to do with wipes. Our panel of experts all come from a background that understands the mechanics of nonwoven fabric that produce the wipes so we are inviting you all to share our commitment to make wipes better for our future.

What do they do?

Good question! Our aim is to give you a better understanding of using wipes for several different purposes, so basically, educate you with great scientific facts, tips, advice and much more. Why do we do this? Because, we believe there is a wipe for any purpose and we want to encourage other people to see wipes as a necessity in their everyday life.

How do I get in touch with experts?

We’ve currently got a profile over on Twitter @AskSuominen where our experts are living, so make sure you give them a follow. Here, you can get chatty with our experts and see what they have to say - got a question about wipes or not sure what type of wipe to use for something specific? Tweet us whatever you need to say and one of our panel of experts will get right back to you.

What can I ask the experts?

Anything and everything! This is a great opportunity for you and for ourselves to understand the impact of wipes on your everyday life and how we can improve this or make it better for you, personally. Whether it is to do with makeup/beauty, parenting, animals, going out on adventures or personal hygiene, we want to help answer your specific questions that you never really knew the answers to. The more information we receive and understand, the better we can make wipes for your future and your future generations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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