Wet wipe o'clock

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 17 2013
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Is it wet wipe o'clock all day everyday for you? We know the feeling...

Wet Wipe o'clock

 The day begins with the breakfast stampede,

Hungry kids clear their bowls in a race.

But as the school bus arrives you concede;

The youngest has oatmeal all over his face!


Wet wipe o’clock

 You need to clean fast before your mom spies

Grease on the oven and paw prints in the hall.

But when the bell rings your cute toddler cries:

“I’ve painted a rainbow all over the wall!”


Wet wipe o’clock

The interview was a real success,

That promotion is yours now of course.

But then you see your designer white dress,

Is splattered in spaghetti and sauce.


Wet wipe o'clock

 Let’s visit the store for grocery buys;

It’s busy today and the queues are the worst.

You’ve just reached the front when you realise,

Your purse is at home and baby’s diaper has burst!


Wet wipe o'clock

 A family meal out for burgers and fries,

Fun time together for everyone.

The kids want to see how far ketchup flies,

As it lands on the lady in booth number one


Wet wipe o'clock

 The long day is over the kids are a hush,

You plan for tonight and the day ahead.

Mascara removed, shoes cleaned in a rush,

You’re all (wet) wiped out; it’s time for bed.

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