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Avatar_Elisabeth.jpg Posted by: Elisabeth Swennenhuis on Jul 24 2013
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You are a mommy-to-be and all is prepared for the arrival of your new born. 

The baby room, stroller, car seat, cute little clothes and so on. You’ve also thought of the practical stuff like diapers, baby wipes and prepared the case for when you have to go to the hospital…And now the journey starts into a whole new world of hygiene and intimate care products.

My midwife explained what I’d need in the hospital for after the birth and told me to get a pack of large napkins / towels. I showed her the biggest I could find, which was obviously very funny as she wished me  good luck with those. Then she showed me what she meant by big. Well, it was huge. At that stage I was 6 – 7 months pregnant so there was no way back.

So anyway I started to get prepared and after the huge towels received more information about tools they might use in case things didn’t go as planned: stitches, haemorrhoids, temporary incontinence and Kegel exercises…

And here is the truth about what's up down there after your vaginal delivery.

After giving birth to my daughter I was very happy she was healthy, had 10 fingers and 10 toes and all in between in good order.  I was also very lucky not ending up with stitches. However, just looking at toilet paper was painful.  So my midwife suggested using wetted gauzes. Later I learned about something better: Flushable Perineal Care Wipes with calming formulation.

Check out this video to help yourself heal quickly post-birth if needed...

And then there is the nursing. Every 2-3 hours breastfeeding, the nipples are going into overtime. Besides the basic hygiene precautions you can use almond oil. Nursing wipes are very handy for when you are not at home but I also started to use them regularly at home as they save a lot of time and are safe for your new born. For this application I would recommend ‘fit for purpose’ nursing wipes that have a special formulation that won’t harm your baby. What’s good for cleaning baby’s bottom is probably not so good ending up in baby’s mouth.

For the first months after birth I was also really happy with the single pack, flushable, intimate care wipes. You carry them everywhere, they are discreet and you can flush them after use.

There would have been a wiping product that I would have appreciated. During my pregnancy I used quite a lot of anti-stretch mark cream while my belly was growing fast. Even if stretch marks are partially genetic and may not be completely avoided, you could surely help your skin by keeping it well hydrated. At work and while travelling it would have been really nice to have wipes with anti-stretch mark formulation. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t found any but let’s see what the future may bring.

Of course your newborn is now the centre of your universe and this is most likely also the case for your partner, family and friends. But let’s not forget that also mommy needs good care.

I would be very interested to learn about your experiences with pre- and after-birth-care wiping products…

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