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What do you get you pet for Christmas?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Dec 7 2015
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Every year we all go out and spend way too much money on gifts. But there is always someone we forget… 

Bless our pets. They may not understand that it’s Christmas but our pets definitely deserve a treat. That begs the question - what do you actually get them? From pet stockings to Christmas jumpers there is actually a wide variety of fun things your pet will love finding under the tree. For any pet owner out there, a [insert pet type here] is not just a pet, they are companions and someone to turn to in time of need and comfort. 

Clothes. Some pets love wearing a cute jumper, some hate it! If you have a pet who is happy to wear jumpers, dresses, hats, coats then why not treat them to something special this Christmas. Plus if you live somewhere cold, a jumper or coat will keep them warm when out on crisp winter walks. 

Treats. It’s not good to fill your pets up on treats everyday, so this Christmas get a special treat for them! Cats love catnip, and dogs love treats. You can even get treats for bunnies and hamsters this year. If you are feeling very creative with what to get them you can get dog beer and ice cream. 

Toys. What pet doesn't love a new toy? If you are feeling like really spoiling them you can get a personalized toy for them with their name on, or a teddy that looks just like them! 

New bowl/collar. A fresh start for New Year, bowls can get grubby and worn when used every day by your pet. Now it’s the time to treat them to something new, plus they need a nice dish to eat their Christmas dinner out of! And a new collar is a great idea, chances are the one they have is looking a bit frayed, and might not even fit them so well nowadays, get them a new one! 

Stocking. Some places sell pre-made stockings for pets, filled with treats and toys. For a quick gift for your pets get one of these, you can even add extra bits if you feel like it’s lacking in your pets favourites! 

Subscription box. The gift that keeps on giving. This year subscription boxes have became more and more popular. You can subscribe to pet boxes and each month you will get a box filled with treats, toys and fun things for you and your pet to enjoy! 

Illuminated accessories. For your safety and your pets’ safety, you can purchase illuminated leashes, jackets and collars for your pet to wear during nightly walks in the dark. Not only are they super fashionable for your pet, at least you (and other people) know where they are at all times. 

Pet wipes. Maybe these are not the most exciting presents but your pet would appreciate them in the long run. You can get wipes to clean paws, to shine coats, to clean ears and eyes for most pets, so make sure you stock up on these as ‘stocking fillers’.  

It doesn’t matter if you spend $1 or $100 for your pet – the importance of your beloved pet is something no other person can experience. Pets are part of the family and they deserve to celebrate with us, that includes giving them some Christmas dinner! 

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