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What do you know about foot care?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Mar 21 2016
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Our feet can take a lot of pressure, just like our hands. So it is important to take care of them just as much…


Like many people on a fitness mission, your feet can become very dry and cracked from all the walking and exercising. You’ll need to take extra care of your feet to keep them in good condition, especially since summer is just around the corner. Let’s get your feet sandal ready with a few of our few foot care tips! 

Keep‘em smooth 
To keep your feet looking their best you should make it part of your bath/shower routine to use a pumice stone or foot file on the soles of your feet. This will exfoliate any dry or dead skin you have, and will leave your feet feeling a lot smoother. However if you have quite sensitive skin, or the exfoliating is starting to feel painful then reduce this to once a week to avoid any further irritation. 

Lather up! 
After exfoliating your feet, it is time to moisturize them properly. The first option is that you can apply a thick moisturizer all over your feet, but don't rub it in, then put on some loose fitting socks and go straight to bed. This allows your feet to soak in the moisturizer over night, so when you wake up you have smooth feet. 

Your next option includes your partner getting their hands dirty. Ask for a foot rub where you can use oil, or a foot cream and get your partner to massage it in to your feet. Finally, if your feet aren't in that bad condition you can apply foot cream regularly and your feet will feel soft and smooth. 

The final option is treating your feet to a foot mask, which will both exfoliate and soften your feet at the same time. There are some foot masks that help those with extremely dry feet that are prone to peeling. These masks are widely available in beauty stores and online, and benefit in treating feet that need extra attention. You can even get disposable foot masks that are great for travelling! 

Perfect your Pedicure… 

Once your feet are smooth and refreshed, it is time to work on your toenails. Make sure to keep your toenails trimmed to avoid hangnails and ingrown toenails. And since sandal season is right around the corner you may consider painting your nails with a fun pop of color. For some, painting your toenails is not the easiest task but the best way to clean up mistakes is using nail polish remover wipes to easily wipe away the small mistakes. 

Our feet are great and go through a lot on a daily basis, so it is important that we don’t neglect them. By following these tips, you’ll have beautiful smooth feet in no time. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on the top of your feet when they’re showing. If you don’t particularly like the feel of cream or lotion on your feet, you can always use sunscreen wipes to nourish you feet before you step out. If you’re worried about the dry cracked skin on your feet, it is advised to go see your doctor to make sure it’s not an infection. Let us know in the comments below how you get your feet ready for the summer… 


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