What does one need when one has a new baby

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Jul 25 2013
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To celebrate the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis, we thought we would share our Royal list of essentials for a new baby.

No parent (even Royalty) is ever really prepared for their first bundle of joy and our best advice is to at least be prepared.

Top New Baby Essentials

  • Nappies – new-borns need their nappy changing over 10 times a day on average, make sure you have enough for at least the first few days.  Even for people who are considering reusable nappies it pays to have some disposable to hand if you get behind on the washing.
  • Three or four onesies – small babies tend to live in these for their first few months.  I wonder what the Royal onesie would look like?!
  • A baby bath or a newborn bath support – or you could just use a washing up bowl.
  • Bottles, teats, bottle brushes, and some sterilising method, if you are bottle-feeding.
  • A pram / buggy that lies flat so baby can get some sleep.
  • A Moses basket or cot.
  • A rear facing car seat if your baby will be travelling in the car, take the car you will be using to the shop as they will not sell you a seat unless it has been tested to fit in your car.
  • One or two cardigans – heat dependent. Top Tip - dress baby I whatever is comfortable layer wise for yourself, plus one more layer.
  • Baby wipes – trust me, these things will soon become your best friend. Life savers!
  • Muslin squares – they can be used as a soft surface for baby to rest on and great for mopping up sick!
  • One or two blankets to wrap your little precious in.
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