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What’s in your ‘manbag’?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 8 2016
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It’s 2016 and there is no shame in carrying a ‘manbag’ around with you, but it all depends on what you fill it with. 


Women are known for all the junk they carry around in their handbags, with crumpled up receipts, countless beauty products and so much useless stuff you could open a store. Don’t let your bag become a Mary Poppins endless dumping ground too. Everything you put into your bag should have a purpose, it’s important to carry all the essentials like your keys, wallet, and phone, but other than that what should you have in it? 

Grooming Essentials 
Waking up in the morning is no longer a simple routine of a shower then out the door, it’s become increasingly popular for guys to take a little more time and try a little harder on their appearance. But it doesn’t just take a few extra minutes in the morning to make sure you are looking your best, there are a few things it pays to carry around with you. 

- Lipbalm: You don’t want to be caught without this. Dry lips are not a good look on anyone, especially not if you meet someone! It’s also great to have around with you for all those unplanned evening’s out. 
- Refreshing Wipes: After a long day at work you’ll probably be feeling a bit grubby, the last thing you want is to head straight out with the days grime on you. Use a refreshing wipe to clean your face and neck, as well as to cool you down on hot days. 
- Comb: Have you ever looked in the mirror at lunch time and noticed that your hair and beard are all over the place? Yes, then it’s probably time you start carrying a comb around with you so you can smooth everything down. 
- Deodorant/Anti-perspirant: It can get musty out there. Don’t be caught out. Travel size sprays and sticks are handy and can save you in that last minute meeting or meeting a special someone after work.  

In Case of ‘Emergency’ Essentials
There are some things we recommend you never leave the house without, like your headphones, phone and money, but there are also a few things that although you think you don’t need you might find yourself wishing for. 

- A book/something to read: If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on a train or delayed with a dead phone and nothing interesting to read then you’ll understand the importance of this one. Public transport is so unpredictable, and you can often find yourself waiting around for what feels like hours. Have a book or a newspaper handy for emergency situations. (eBook readers can have lots on them too)
- A portable charger: Smartphone batteries don’t last. It’s always a good idea to carry around portable chargers, especially if you have plans after work or you are delayed coming home and need to contact someone. Make sure you have a cord too! 
- A bottle of water: Like the book you just never know when you are going to find yourself stuck somewhere. Pack a bottle of water incase you need a drink whilst out and about. 

A few other things: 
- A pen:  Seriously, we’ve all been there.  Anyone have a pen.  This should be an essential.  I know we use our phones, but it’s still always handy to have one.  Especially if you’re on your phone and need to write something down .
- A pad of paper: Obviously, otherwise the pen is pointless in half the situations. 

Remember though, to try and keep it neat. We’ve all been behind the woman at the counter growing more agitated that you spent 5 minutes waiting, when they could have been looking for what the needed. You'll feel fustrated. 

Don’t be that person. Keep it to what you need, keep it organized and your manbag will serve you well.  

What else do you carry around in your bag on a day to day basis? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter @welovewipes 


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