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What’s in your purse?

wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Oct 10 2015
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We all know the dread of purse cleaning day. 

Us women are often known for having everything in our handbags, from receipts for a dress bought a year ago, to 12 different lipsticks in varying shades of pink; but sometimes the things we carry around are indeed useful! 

Tissues: Have we ever come across a woman who doesn’t have a pack of tissues in her handbag? You just never know when you are going to need one; they’re brilliant for spills, for blowing your nose, and for emergency toilet roll. 

Pens: As with tissues we all seem to have a pen thrown somewhere in the bottom of our bag. It’s usually one we’ve accidentally stolen from someone or one from the hotel we stayed at last, but there is generally always a pen floating around in the deep dark depths of a woman’s handbag. 

Snacks: Every time we leave the house we sometimes throw a snack and a bottle of water into the handbag. You just never know when you are going to be feeling peckish or thirsty, and want something to tide you over till you get home. Plus if you have kids, we bet you are well known for having a whole pantry in the bottom of your bag including crisps, fruit, biscuits, and a juice box. It’s like a real life Mary Poppins bag, the only thing you’re missing is the lamp (unless that’s hiding in there too…). 

Wet Wipes: There are so many germs out there that it really pays to have a pack of wipes in your bag. Many womenn carry antibacterial wipes, deodorant wipes and toilet wipes and on days when they know they might want them they even take some face wipes with them.  

Lip Balm: To go along with all our pink lipsticks, we normally have a some sort of lip balm, or two. One that actually does something for dry and cracked lips, and one that smells and tastes nice. It just depends on what we fancy as to which one we use. 

Tampons/Panty Liners: All women carry these around with them; you don’t know when you or someone else will need it. They always comes in handy! Make sure the products are clean and well packaged if you are to borrow off someone else, it’s all about the hygiene. Plus if you think you may need them take some Femmine Hygiene Wipes, they are a godsend whilst on your period. 

Hair Elastics and Hair Grips: You know that feeling when we always say that hairgrips and elastics are constantly going missing? Well they’re probably not. They’re just hiding in the bottom of our bags from the last time we wore our hair up and changed our mind half way through the day. The bottom of your bag is so full of hair accessories; you could practically run a shop!

Along with these random finds, we women are likely to also carry around sunglasses for all year round, a nail polish that’s not even the shade on your nails, a half empty pack of gum, and of course 2 pairs of headphones that are too tangled to use! 

What useful things do you carry around with you everyday, and what stuff do you have in your bag that you really don’t need? 


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