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What’s the longest you have gone without a shower?

Posted on Jun 27 2016
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Sometimes not all of us have time for a shower, but how long can you go without a shower before you feel gross?

Recently more and more people have been talking about how they don’t shower every single day, as they don’t have the time...especially parents with young kids who cannot be left alone. The ‘World’s Smelliest Man’, who hasn’t showered in 38 years, says he won’t shower until he has a son and he doesn’t think he will ever shower again after having 7 daughters! 

So what are the reasons not to shower?

Many people say that they have gone a week or two without a shower - be it out of laziness or the fact that they didn’t have access to a shower whilst camping or travelling! Although some people had a few nifty tricks like taking a dip in a river and using the mud along the riverbed as an exfoliator… new beauty hack? We think so. Luckily, today there are wipes, which make it possible to get clean also in the desert or overnight trains.

It’s quite often that kids are scared of the shower or bath and don’t want to get in! One wipes lover shared a story that when her brother was younger, he used to turn the shower on and stand next to it for 5 minutes, but only dampened his hair so it looked like he had showered! He never fooled his mom though.

It is common that some people can’t shower after surgery for up to 6 weeks to avoid getting their wound wet and prevent infections. They would usually have a sponge bath every couple of days. Obviously sponge baths can be a bit fiddly and take a lot of time, so we suggest using body wipes!

We all get busy, and after a long day at work the first thing that comes to mind is most likely not ‘let’s get in the shower’. You probably just want to sit down with a glass of wine and relax. Instead of hoping in the shower, you can use facial cleaning wipes to get your make up off and then a quick wipe over with a refreshing or body wipe as a freshen up.

If you don’t have time for a shower or you’re just too lazy to have one (which is absolutely fine once in a while!), just get some wipes out! There’s a multitude of wipes that you can use, body wipes for a quick freshen up, make up removal wipes, exfoliating wipes, self-tanning wipes and even deodorant wipes to make your life easier!

Let us know in the comments below what is the longest you have gone without showering!

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