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When was the last time that your family had a stress-free Christmas?

Posted on Dec 11 2017
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Other than napping as you binge watch all the festive film, from the moment you wake up, everything is go!

Unwrapping gifts, preparing and cooking the food, as well as, organizing family places, it can all get a bit crazy.

With that, we’ve got five tips on keeping organised and helping make your Holiday Season the most strategic.

Make a list

Just like children’s requests to Santa Claus, make yourself a list, but rather than things you’d like, change it to tasks you need to do.

You may think that cleaning is going to be right at the bottom in terms of priority, but realistically, it needs to be right at the top. If you’re creating a schedule for yourself, it’s less stressful, you buy yourself some time and there’s the bonus of crossing that task off your list, just to add to the satisfaction.

You could use the week leading up to the big day as breathing space to get each room done or if there’s just one area to concentrate on, spend an hour before guests arrive.

Move it

Removing any clutter or junk around the house is the best way to get things started in terms of the big clean.

If you just going to manoeuvre around them, it’s adding more to what you’ve originally set out to do, which could leave you slightly frustrated - that’s all you need before the Pre-Christmas plans begin.

Instead, why not sort out what can stay and what can go. Bin the things that you don’t need, then store the remaining kept items.

Keep them close

Have your wipes on stand-by!

Before, during & after, there is going to be mess at Christmas.

Dropped food and spilled drinks are unavoidable and there ay even be a broken glass in there, so having the products you use daily on standby by, is a great way to keep on top of messes.

Items such as a dustpan and brush, wipes and a vacuum can save previous time, as you won’t need to dive into a deep, deep clean - you might miss charades!

Ahead of the curve

You’ve produced a wonderful feast, preparation is perfect, it smells good, it looks delicious, but then you realise that you’ve not put anything out to serve them on!

Getting prepared with dishes, glasses and any silverware that may be used, is something that should be done in advance, there’s nothing worse than rushing around. Setting everything out can be done the night before or first thing on Christmas Day is a great way to getting organised or, if you’re pressed for time, get your guests to help, chances are, they’ll ask if they can help!

Take a bow

This will be the most satisfying step you can embrace.

When the cleaning is complete and all that you’ve prepared is finalised, just take a step back, admire what you’ve done, then give yourself a pat on the back. It might be worthwhile having a quick glance in the rooms to make sure that everything has been taken care of, such as any unmade beds or spare towels have been set out ready for your guests.

Once that’s done, sit down, relax and enjoy your Christmas Day. Merry Christmas!

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