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Do you want to keep your car looking brand new and your hobby equipment in tip-top shape? There are wipes for every purpose - from cleaning your car's dashboard and windows, to tidying up your golf clubs and yoga mats. There are even wipes for drying the dog after a wet and muddy walk! Learn how using wipes can revolutionise your life.


Which Dog Breed Needs Wipes?

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Feb 19 2016
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Muddy Paws, drool and even rolling in animal poo - dogs can be messy creatures! 




Dogs can get really dirty no matter how small or big they are, or wherever their daily adventures take them. Most dog owners will agree that getting them to bathe at least once a week is a challenge, but that is why wipes were created to spot clean them on the days you can’t always get them into the bath tub. From Dachshunds to Great Danes, dogs of all sizes need wipes are ideal to keep them clean until the next time they roll into the mud. 

Basset Hound - They have massive, floppy ears and short legs, they’re often accidentally dipping their ears in puddles, or their dinner. To avoid those dangly, dirty ears rubbing into your new cream carpet, make sure you gently cleanse them with dog cleansing wipes.

Great Dane – They are known for their large size, and these dogs are really playful and very friendly, but they’re also known for how much they drool. Drool is never a good look for your dog, but even worse when they stain your clothes or upholstery with it. Use a good cleansing wipe to remove the excess slobber to avoid any messes.

Old English Sheepdog - Sheepdogs often have long fur that can get matted easily, therefore it is best to brush them at least 3 times a week. Sheepdogs can also often develop skin problems if you don’t take care of their coat. With so much fur, your sheepdog can easily get something stuck or lost in their fur so it is best to cleanse their fur with wipes frequently. 

Saint Bernard - We’ve all seen Beethoven, we know that these dogs drool a lot. Like Great Danes, make sure your keep wipes on hand for when your dog is having a little drool because the last thing you want is for them to shake, and for you or your furniture to get covered in slobber. 

Bulldogs and Pugs - These dogs are best known for their little face wrinkles. Sometimes dirt and moisture can get trapped into their folds, which can lead to skin irritation. Wipes are great for cleaning out these parts by taking an individual wipe and running it through each crease to keep them clean. 

Boxers – Yet another dog that you often see with a lot of drool. Be sure to keep wipes around so that you can clean up any drool messes. Boxers are also quite adventurous so you may want to keep wipes around for a quick clean after a muddy day out. 

Labrador - Labradors are well known for being playful, active and rolling around in the mud. Whenever you take your Labrador out and before you let them back into your car or house, it is best to give them a little wipe down before they start tramping mud all over the insides of your car or the entrance of your house. You can also use sheets or towels to protect your cat seats if there is just too much mud for wipes! 

Make sure you aren’t the one that gets covered in drool, mud or poo and avoid all of these mucky disasters by being prepared with dog wipes. Less stress and mess will result in a happier dog, and more time for you to enjoy your time with your pooch in the great outdoors. 


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