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Why YOU Should Be Using Facial Sheet Masks

Avatar_Elisabeth.jpg Posted by: Elisabeth Swennenhuis on Mar 13 2016
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Facial sheet masks are becoming increasingly common for both men and women, as more and more people opt for the ease and benefits of them...

There is no better feeling than indulging in a little pamper session for yourself, especially after a long day or when you feel like your facial skin needs some attention. While some people make sure this routine is done consistently in their lives, some prefer to use facial masks every so often, or during seasonal times, i.e. during the winter season, when the facial skin can often become dehydrated. Although there are many different types of masks available on the market, sheet masks are one of the easiest masks to use and the most effective in providing you the ultimate skincare benefits.

Sheet Masks Around the World

In Asia, the facial sheet masks are very popular. Volumes in this region indicate that this is no longer a niche market. People are even integrating facial sheet mask treatments into their daily skin care routines. In bigger cities this is often related to air pollution and the negative effects to the skin appearance. Skin whitening and moisturizing are among the important claims as well.

Many beauty and cosmetic trends are of Asian origin. Japan and Korea are often way ahead of time in beauty and cosmetics. Many of these innovative solutions travel to the European and North American markets over time.

In general facial sheet masks are not that widely available in the European and North American markets yet but, with the strong growing demand for wellness products, it is very likely to become a significant product extension for brands, private labels and even fashion retailers.

The facial sheet mask also opens the opportunity for premium brands to offer skin treatments and serums in a new and elegant product format. Where these premium brands would not likely extend their product range with a flow pack of wipes they do extend with facial sheet masks, pads and patches for target skin treatments.

Key Developments for Sheet Masks

Did you know that with sheet masks, there are 3 key areas that are looked at when developing these masks? The ease of applying the masks is very important so that you are able to apply the mask onto your face in the easiest way. Once applied, the distribution of the lotion and its effective ingredients will then be evenly distributed across the face. The development of the lotion’s effect is determined on the skin type, since different skin textures absorb the serum differently, therefore it is advised to speak to a skin specialist (especially for those with sensitive skin) or research the ingredients that are the most effective for your specific skin type. Generally, due to the nonwoven material, the more liquid that is contained in the sheet mask – the easier it will be absorbed.

The temperature of your skin will actually assist the nonwoven sheet mask to work at its maximum capability, as it will open up the pore to absorb the mask’s ingredients and moisturise the skin. The technology around the way these sheet masks work is around the ‘built in timer’ – once the mask has dried; the purpose of the sheet mask is finished.

Types of Sheet Masks

Although there are many different types of masks available to use on the face, it is a personal choice as to what each individual prefers. Usually the packaging, scent, and effectiveness are all factors considered when choosing a facemask. In some cases, certain cream or gel masks can adhere to skin, causing irritation, especially on sensitive skin. Even so, when using mud or clay masks, the product can often cling and dry onto the skin, meaning a mild soap and water won’t be able to break through the mask layer as easily, and sometimes using your nails or a coarse face scrubber can lead to further irritation on the skin. 

Using sheet masks is far less messy than an ordinary gel, cream, mud or clay masks, as there is no need to wash or scrub nonwoven sheet masks. The nonwoven sheet masks keep the lotion in the mask in place without sliding away from the face, therefore sheet masks cause much less mess. 

If you are interested in using sheet masks, be sure to select a mask that is suitable for your skin type by asking a skincare professional; they will be able to consult you on your skin types’ needs and ingredients to look out for in products. All skin types are different for every person, so what might work for your sister / friend, might not necessarily work for you.

Suominen is working to improve what people like to see in sheet masks and other beauty products containing nonwoven material. You can learn more about nonwovens and how they are used in today’s modern products at


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This is amazing Dermatology Clinic in Dubai also recommend me to use Facial sheet mask for my oily skin problems.
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