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Winter is coming, combat that dull winter skin.

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Nov 16 2016
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During winter our skin can often feel dry and flaky, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

The change in weather can cause a change in our skin and it becomes increasingly important to take care and use skincare products regularly. No one wants to have flaky skin, and the best way to make sure you are taking care of your skin is to follow a daily skincare routine.

The best way to give your skin a new burst of life is by moisturizing daily. If you don’t do this already, it might be time to adapt your skincare regime to include a moisturizer or moisturizing wipes. There are lots of different products available depending on what your skin concerns are. If you are just aiming to combat dry skin, most moisturizers will help you. If you are looking to deal with breakouts or oily skin you can find moisturizers that are suitable for your skin type specifically.

If you have sensitive skin it is important to make sure you check what you are using before you apply it to your skin to avoid a bad reaction. If you are concerned about trying new skincare products you can often use face wipes that include moisturizing ingredients as a way to get your skin used to the new ingredients.

Lip Balm
Your face isn't the only part of the body that can become dry and chapped during the colder months, your lips often take the biggest hit. The skin on your lips is more sensitive as it doesn’t produce the same oils as your hands and face do. This means that your lips can often feel dryer in the colder months than other parts of your body do.

If you want to maintain your perfect pout, invest in a good lip scrub to remove the dry skin before applying a lip balm. If you are someone who loves a matte lipstick in winter, it is important to apply a lip balm before applying your lipstick and letting it soak in. This way your matte makeup won’t dry your lips out.

Body Scrubs
Being bundled up head to toe doesn't always stop your skin on your body from getting dry. Have yourself a pamper evening with a nice warm relaxing bath and use a body scrub to remove all the dry skin.

This is also a good idea if you are planning to use a fake tan to give your skin a healthy sun kissed glow in winter time. Scrub your body before applying fake tan to ensure that the product doesn’t cling to dry patches.

Face Masks
The skin on your face will often become the driest part of your body because it is exposed to the cold air. To help have a pamper evening and indulge in a facemask! There are many different masks that are tailored to winter skin. There is also a new trend of “multi-masking”, where you use different masks for different areas on your face depending on what issues you have in that area. For example: using a moisturizing mask on your cheeks and forehead where your skin may be drier, then using a oil free mask to combat a breakout on your chin, and a pore strip for pores on your nose! This way you can help your skin without making other areas worse.

However if you don’t like the mess and hassle of using lots of different masks for different things, you can get sheet masks. They are a nonwoven product you cover your face with and leave on for the recommended amount of time, you can then dispose of the mask when you are done without the mess!

Hand Cream
Whilst you are taking care of your body it is also important to take care of your hands during winter months. Use hand cream to moisturize your hands daily, and when doing your nails use oils to help with dry skin around your cuticles. If you do a lot of cleaning, keep hand creams around your home near sinks and carry it around with you to help maintain your soft skin.

Drink Water
Drinking water alone won’t help your dry skin, however it will help your skin feel more hydrated which can help moisturizers work better. Water can also help deal with breakouts, and even help you feel fresher and more awake when the mornings get darker and it becomes harder to get out of bed!

In winter, no parts of your body are safe from the winter weather! Make sure you’re stocked up on wipes, lotions and facial masks, so that your skin can feel the best it possibly can during the cold winter! 

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