Wipe away the hardships of life and make it a breeze

Maxine E.jpg Posted by: Maxine Emmett on Oct 21 2013
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Life…it can be tough, sometimes but we find the meaning of it and let that be our guide to positivity. 

We can paint on a smile each and every day, but the vast majority of us will find at least one of the day’s necessary but mundane tasks just that little bit harder than it should really be, and that’s even those of us who are relatively young, fit and healthy. So add into the equation something like a disability, poor health, old age, pain and other things that limit us in some way, and that painted on smile is likely to droop.

For those people who do find life just that little bit harder, finding something that can take some of the strain is literally a blessing sent from heaven. Imagine the difference between scrubbing a floor with a brush and bucket of soapy water compared to a couple of minutes with a floor wipe. It isn’t just a time saver, but can decrease pain, tiredness and actually make someone capable of doing something that they couldn’t otherwise do.

And imagine the difference in cleaning in general – it may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but for some, it is an indication that they can be independent and even stay in their own home. Think of someone who is elderly who is struggling to take of themselves with no family near to help them out with the basics. The person doesn’t want to leave their home in the slightest, but if they are reduced to living in a dirty house as it is too hard to clean, relatives may deem it necessary to move them to a care home. Whilst the wipe won’t be the deciding factor in the decision, a product that makes cleaning easy is one huge step in the right direction. With a cleaning wipe for every room in the house, wiping is all it takes to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

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For those who live with pain and fatigue, what may seem like the simplest of tasks can be daunting beyond belief.  A task such as cleaning the dog’s muddy paw prints off the floor can be so demanding that it can send the sufferer to bed exhausted after completing a mammoth cleaning session. But using a wipe isn’t just manufactured to be quick, it is also manufactured to be efficient. So it will get rid of dirt with an unbelievable ease, packed full of highly powerful ingredients that can cut through grime in a flash.  Time saving, effort saving, but also built to deliver superior results – that’s the magic of a wipe.

But life isn’t just about cleaning. A person with poor health is still a person and looking their best can be a huge boost. Putting make-up on can change their outlook for the whole day, with the expression ‘putting on you war paint and preparing for battle’ coming into being for a reason.  And at the end of a tiring day when you are desperate to fall into bed, being able to take the whole lot off in 30 seconds is a huge bonus!

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