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Wipes you probably didn't know existed - Part 2!

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Mar 30 2016
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You can get wipes for everything… and we mean everything! 



Last year we shared a list of wipes you’d probably never heard of, some of which even baffled us. We deal with wipes on a daily basis whether they are in the form of makeup removal or sanitizing, and we’ve tried loads of different types of wipes along the way. But sometimes we are even surprised to see what else is out there. For example did you know that pant-shining wipes exist? We bet you didn’t! 

Plant Wipes: Most people think watering plants is all that is needed to look after them but plants can often get dusty sitting around your house all day; meaning the leaves will need polishing. You can actually get plant wipes which wipe away dust from plants to make the leaves looking shiny and healthy-looking.   

Bug Repellent Wipes: Hate those pesky bug bites? We do too. Luckily you can get bug repellent wipes. Sometimes the spray just isn’t good enough as it can leave patches of your body uncovered. Instead use bug repellent wipes to get even those hard to reach areas and an even coat of repellent across your face and body.  And they’re handy to carry around, too.

Teeth Cleaning Wipes: If you’re in a hurry or travelling teeth cleaning wipes will be helpful. They’re great for a quick refresh throughout the day. 

Anti-fog Wipes: If you suffer with fogged up glasses or windows you can get anti-fog wipes to de-mist the glass. It is unfortunate not being able to see as clear by having to wear glasses, but fogged up glasses just make it worse. These wipes are handy for whenever you’re transitioning to cool to warm places where fogging on the glasses is likely to happen, or in the car where fogging tends to happen from the inside. 

Have you tried any of these wipes? Or have you found any interesting wipes you didn't know existed? Let us know! 


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