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Wipes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of - Men's Edition

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wlw_straight copy.jpg Posted by: The We Love Wipes Team on Aug 8 2016
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Some men keep it plain and simple, whilst others enjoy a bit of pampering. And that's okay!


Men are learning to love their skin. In the age of a thousand photos on social media, concern about skin is becoming a big part of men’s grooming regime. Male grooming products are set to increase to a $21 billon industry in 2016 with skincare a account for a large part of that increase.  Skincare is now an important step in every daily routine for many men, and many new wipes products are leading the way to replace some of your usual products and well as some great new products. Here’s a few suggestions: 

Moisturizing Wipes - We’ve all heard of traditional moisturizers, you can get different ones for everything; anti-aging, dry skin, spots, and even beard moisturisers. But did you know you can also get your moisturiser in wipes form? They come in all different varieties, as well as moisturising your face they also clean the days grime off it too.  Whether in a hot climate, an air conditioned office or sweating, our lifestyles are not always forgiving on the skin.  So try a wipe to get a little bit of moisture in your pores.  

Beard Wipes - If you are a beardy guy you probably take care and groom your beard regularly, using combs, moisturisers and gels to make sure it is tamed and ready for anything. But did you know you can actually get beard wipes? These wipes are great as they allow you to clean your beard on the go as well as combating stray hairs and rough skin.  Plus if you have a big lumberjack beard, you may want to clean out lunch.  

Teeth Wipes - On the go these wipes are great! Throw them in your wallet and you’ll never catch yourself with bad breath. They’re great for a freshen up, especially after  eating something a tasty but pungent dish! 

Face Masks - If you are up for a bit more pampering then why not try a facial sheet mask? They are excellent for clearing up spots, dry skin and just for a relaxing time. You can even get masks that are targeted especially to men! Plus you can re-enact that scene from Mrs Doubtfire. 

Giant Body Wipes - These wipes are great if you’re out camping, or for after a lunchtime gym session. They are designed to clean your whole body in one swipe! Next time you’re going somewhere and you don’t know if you are going to have a shower, pack a few of these.

How many of these wondrous wipes have you tried? Or how many will you be trying now?  These are great ways to look after yourself, especially on the go. Life is busy. Wipe some time your grooming using these little handy sheets.  


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