Why We Love Wipes?

What’s not to love about wipes? We do love wipes (sometimes to the extreme), because they help make life more convenient for everyone. Keeping babies clean (Grown-ups too!). Protecting. Refreshing. Sanitizing. Comforting. And sometimes even arousing!

We talk about beauty, personal care, hygiene, family life, hobbies, pets and running a household. We talk all about the science of wipes and wiping products too. We want to explore all the diverse and varied ways people use their wipes.

We want to learn from you: What brings convenience to your life? What is it that you value, like, dislike or miss in products you use for personal care, hygiene or household chores? What improvements would you like to see?

Today we have over 25.000 members in our global digital community, and we invite you to join us! Let us hear how you’d like to improve your wiping life.

Your insights and our learnings are used to improve and enhance wiping products, nappies, pads and even medical supplies. Your comments and opinions really can impact the range or products that will be available on the shelves of supermarkets, pharmacies and online stores in the future.

We’re also more than happy to share our expertise about different wiping products with you. The variety is huge and may not be aware of all the products that exist in the wonderful world of wiping, and that’s where we can help you! Explore, learn and share the wonderful (and sometimes even a bit wacky) world of wipes with us!